Your Dog How To Select The Right Name

The biggest challenge faced by the owner of a new dog is the name that they are actually going to call it by. Today there are hundreds, even thousands of names that a person is able to choose from by which they can call their pet. But unfortunately not all the names that owners choose for their dogs are really suitable. However in this article we provide some pointers which should when it comes to selecting a name by which your new dog will be called and so make this part of the process of owning a dog much easier. 1. When selecting a name for your dog go for one which is not only easy for you to say but pronounce as well.

If you decide upon a name which you have difficulty saying or pronouncing then your dog will find it much more difficult to understand you. It is best that you (and your family) select a name that can easily be said time and time again and will not provide any confusion to your dog. Plus selecting an easy name means that at those times when things can get stressful, say when you are trying to maintain control over them will make it much easier to deal with the situation.

2. It is important that you only give your dog one name and never two as you would with a person. Any dog that has more than one name can become easily confused and so training and controlling the animal will also be more difficult.

Therefore only provide them with one name and an easy one which they will in turn find easy to remember. 3. Do not select a name that sounds very much like a command such as "heel or jump". As you will soon discover actually training a dog that has command for its name will in fact that more difficult to accomplish.

This is because the dog will be confused as to what it's name is and which commands you are asking it to respond to. 4. It is best that you choose a name which contains one or two syllables. We have a number of dogs all we short and easy to remember names including Taz, Heff, Jack and Jodie.

Plus choosing names that contain one or two syllables actually makes it much easier for the dog to learn. 5. When selecting your dog's name never go for one that has negative meaning or connotations to it. Dogs who have names with negative meaning often do not respond as quickly when called. Also remember that it will not just be you who is calling them and hoping that they respond but other members of your family as well. 6.

Do not give your dog a name which is embarrassing or is considered to be politically incorrect. Unfortunately there are still people around who think that because their dog is black they are quite within their rights to call it "Nigger", but this is just not the case. Plus dog's are quickly able to pick up on any negative feelings a person is having when calling a particular name and are far less likely to respond.

7. Now you have chosen your dog's name and you have been using it for some time then don't suddenly change it for something else. This will only leave your dog in a complete state of confusion and will find it very difficult to respond to you as they will not actually know that it is them that you are calling. So choose your dog's name wisely and once chosen you will need to stick to it. When choosing a name for your dog don't just sit down and make a list instead make it as much fun as possible and get everybody involved who will have regular contact with the animal. This is even more important if the dog will become a family pet and so become a member of your family.

Yet through the use of the guidelines above you should find choosing a name for your dog much easier than you thought and you may even come up with some thing that is completely unique.

After owning several different breeds of dogs, Mark and Allison Thompson have set up a website that provides you with details relating to how to look after a dog. Therefore if you would like to learn more then please go to Healthy Pets Are Happy Pets

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