Hollly Trees and Shrubs For Doylestown Pa

American Holly Trees Hollies are very diverse. Holly plants can be successfully grown in all fifty states of the United States. There are hundreds of species of holly trees and shrubs. Holly plants come in all sizes, ranging from spreading dwarf holly shrubs to tall holly trees.

Their shapes vary from rounded to pyramidal to columnar. There are many uses of hollies in the landscape. Holly are attractive in foundation plantings or as borders for garden areas. Holly trees and the taller holly shrubs have long been used as privacy screen hedges to screen out traffic or neighbors, or as accent plants on a lawn.

In pa., hollies tend to be eaten by deer. This is a major problem. Some Varieties such as Dragon Lady have sharp spines that repell deer.

Most hollies are evergreen, with deep green color making them attractive in the landscape. On our nursery we usually have 20 plus varieties available. You can see our web site at http://www. or .

By: B Hirst

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Hollly Trees and Shrubs For Doylestown Pa - American Holly Trees Hollies are very diverse.

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