Why You Need Dog Insurance

Most dog owners never consider dog insurance until they're faced with a large veterinary bill. And the fact is that you can never foresee when you'll need to seek veterinary care, or how much it will cost. Not infrequently, a visit to the vet to treat an injury or an unexpected illness can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Ouch! Have you ever suffered a broken bone yourself? Well, your dog is no less likely to do so. Dog bone fractures occur across the spectrum, as well - a dog that stays indoors is not much less likely to break a bone as a dog that spends all his/her time in the backyard.

And broken bones of course also occur elsewhere - when you're out walking, or running, with your dog, or if your dog takes off on a jaunt of his own, as many do if they get half a chance. And broken bones are not cheap. The avery vet bill for a broken leg is almost one thousand dollars. Dog Health Insurance Look into the different types of dog insurance plans available.

The same as with other types of insurance, dog insurance policies do vary, so it's wise to compare a couple before you buy. All good dog insurance policies should cover the following items: Spaying or Neutering: Only professional breeders and other dog owners who show their dogs professionally are exempt from the obligation to spay or neuter their dogs. All other dog owners should take it as an absolute obligation, so as to avoid any more unwanted dogs in this world.

There are many other good arguments for spaying and neutering beyond the scope of this article, but suffice to say, spaying or neutering your dog is important. And it is likely to be covered by any good dog insurance plan. Prescription Flea Control: Many over-the-counter flea control products do not work on every dog.

Fleas are not only a nuisance to your pet, they can also cause warms and serious skin conditions. Dog insurance plans may be able to cover the costs of more potent, prescription-only flea control products. Annual Veterinary Examination: This is essential for all dogs, even if you think your dog is in peak health.

The annual checkup can identify illness and disease before it progresses into something much worse, so that treatment can start at the earliest opportunity. Many dog insurance policies cover the annual veterinary examination costs. Heartworm Medication: If you forget your heartworm prevention meds, your dog may contract heartworm. This condition is more prevalent than most people realize. And it's expensive to treat.

Your dog health insurance plan is likely to cover this cost also. Lab Costs: Blood tests and other lab work is covered by most dog health insurance plans. You never know when your vet may want to order blood work - especially if serious diseases are suspected, such as diabetes or heartworm.

Teeth Cleaning: If your dog suffers periodontal disease, or you are unable to keep his teeth clean by other means, surgical teeth cleaning is often required. And because it's performed under anaesthetic, it's pretty expensive. Good news - your dog insurance should cover this, too.

Hospitalization Costs: As mentioned previously, accidents do happen and should your dog suffer a broken leg or get diagnosed with a serious illness, the high fees of hospitalization time can be enormous. Instead of paying thousands of dollars out of your pocket, you can be worry-free knowing that these fees are taken care of by your dog insurance coverage.

To find out about dog insurance advice and its alternatives, choose a cheap dog insurance to suit your financial circumstances.

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