Which Cat Litter Is Best For You

Although cats have been kept domestically as pets since the early Egyptians, it wasn't until the late 1940s that commercial cat litter came to be. Prior to that people either let their cats outside to do their business or used cardboard box full with stand in the home. This was less than ideal and, in fact, the first commercial cat litter was "discovered" mostly by accident when a cat owner sought out the help of her neighbor after the sand she used for her cat litter box was frozen solid.

This neighbor made a product that consisted of clay and gave her little clay pellets to use as litter. The pellets proved to be so absorbent this was an immediate success and soon everyone wanted to use these little clay pellets which soon became sold under the name "Kitty Litter". Since than there have been hundreds of brands and types of litter manufactured and sold on the market.

But how do you know which type is right for you? The answer that might have a little bit to do with your cat is some cats can do not like different types of litter. Needless to say, if your cat isn't comfortable going in the box you can probably find someplace else to go and you may not like it. Although most cats take to most types of litter you may find you need to experiment a little bit if you cat doesn't seem to like his litter box. Here are some of the materials you might consider for your cat litter: Clay The original Kitty Litter was made from clay and this brand is still available today and very popular. It is made from sodium bentonite which is a type of clay that is very absorbent.

When the cat would use the litter box, his waist with clump up making it easy to change out. Most cat litter has claimed today in fact this is what makes the clumpable cat litters so easy to use. Clay litters, however to have some problems they can clump onto your cat's paws and fur and can be destiny. Some of the newer brands claim to be less dusty but these contain silicon particles which are a known carcinogen. You might want to think twice before buying any cat litter with this in it, but a lot of them do use it so you have to read labels carefully. Silica Gel This is a fairly new material for cat litter and is made from silica dioxide sand, oxygen and water.

It is said to absorb up to 40 times its weight and does not track so you won't have to worry about it getting all over your house. Manufactures claim this is non toxic, and although it can be expensive and might save you in the long run since holds the moisture inside the silica gel balls, the same cat litter can be used for months without changing up the box so you save on material and maintenance. Newspaper You can buy some litters made from recycled newspapers that are crunched up into pellet form. This cat litter is dust free, non-tracking and is biodegradable so you can flush it.

Wheat And Plant Based These are the most natural kinds of litters and while you might think that these don't work as good as the other letters I used a wheat based cat litter and I can assure you it works just as good in his last dusty and smelly as the clay litters. They can be a little bit more expensive car very good at controlling odor and can be flushed. My cat seems to like it too! Other natural types of cat litter include those made from corn kernel, ground corncobs, beet pulp, and wheat grass.

Sawdust Some cat litters used pine or cedar sawdust which is dried and compressed into pellets. These naturally neutralize the odor from the ammonia in the past year and enter pretty absorbant as well. These plants have natural bacterial and insecticidal properties and the natural smell the plant. If you have allergies or asthma, you may want to be careful with these as I know personally the pine smell can set off my asthma.

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn more about cat litter and cat litter boxes.

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