Westie Puppies Why Are They Sought After By Many Dog Lovers

"Westies" or Westhighland Terriers are furry coated dogs, with dots for coal black eyes and button noses. Why are Westie puppies sought after by many dog lovers? Because these friendly creatures are well-behaved, loyal and affectionate dogs, who may be pocket sized (average a 10-11 inches tall), but are highly intelligent animals. You won't have a hard time training these westie terriers, whether solely as house pets, or for show.

Their keen intelligence makes it seem like play. However, they learn better and best to training sessions that are done on a schedule. Just like children, west highland terrier puppies learn through play. Playing games with your west highland white terrier pups creates an opportunity to train them to obey your commands, gives them valuable exercise, and helps to build their strength, coordination, and agility. It is also fun for everyone. Before you start playing games, there are some rules you should know, and safety precautions you should take.

Your pups need to really run, not just walk on a leash, but be sure any area you play in has a fence. If they are city dogs, try finding a fenced-in tennis court for play. As a last resort, keep the puppy on an extra-long line. You do not want them to wander free until you are certain they will return on your command. Brush their white coats two to three times a week, to keep it shiny and clean.

If you do intend to enter them for competition, make sure your pet is regularly trimmed, plucked and stripped of his or her coat. Good and reputable West Highland Terrier breeders will tell you that a Westie lives an average of 15+ years and usually has a litter of two to five puppies. What is the history behind the Terrier breed? This breed originated in Scotland developed in the high mountains of West Scotland, to hunt vermin.

They claim a common ancestry to the Scotch Terrier. References to the existence can be seen as early as the 18th century, like one painting done by Sir Edwin Landseer. The piece entitled "The Breakfast Party" clearly features the West Highland Terriers. Another name is as the Poltalloch terrier. The name refers to the home of Col. E.

D. Malkolm, the first breeder of these breed. In 1907, the breed then registered as the Roseneath terrier, little Skye and Cairn. Then in 1909, AKC officially changed the breed's name to what it is known as today, West Highland White Terrier breed.

In the past White Terriers, were considered to belong to the one breed, with Dandie Dinmont, Skye, Cairn and Scottish Terriers. However, although they share common ancestors, selective breeding resulted in the differences between their coat type and colors. A surprising fact about this breed is, given that it was originally bred to traipse the steep and rugged mountain sides, Westies are well adjusted to today's living conditions. As long as they are walked several times a day, they are good apartment dwellers. Have you ever held any Westie puppies? These tiny creatures are cuddly and white furry balls, at least 12-15 inches tall, possessing a pair of coal black eyes and snubbed nose.

They look fragile and needful of your protection and care. This is deceiving, for they were initially bred to hunt vermin and are intelligent hunters. Historically the "Westies" or Westhighland Terriers were bred in the high mountains of west Scotland and claims ancestry to the Scotch Terrier. Is it easy to acquire any of these Westies' pups? No, you'll need to be mindful that West Highland Terrier breeders are selective with whom they'll place their puppies. Only dog lovers with an extensive understanding of this breed's need for extensive grooming and exercise are considered.

While many dog owners who own Westie pups know they don't come cheap, the joy, loyalty and love these dogs have give are worth it. In ending, it's not that hard to see then that the Westhighland Terriers definitely qualify as one of man's best friends.

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