Treat Your Cat With Treats

The felis domesticus, simply knows as cats, are known for its sharp senses. In fact, most zoologists assert that cats have the best senses among mammals. This is because they have sharp sense of hearing, smelling, and keen eyesight. However, with all these remarkable characteristics, cats are little known for learning tricks. Some people contend that it is so hard to teach cats some tricks.

The problem with those people is that they do not know how to train a cat properly. In fact, dogs can be as hard to train as well if improper techniques were employed. The point here is that since cats have very strong senses, then, it would be better to train them and use their senses as a good target area. This can be done by using treats while training the cat. Generally, cats respond more when they are given some rewards immediately after they were able to perform the tasks that were required from them. It is important that these rewards be given on an instant so that they can associate the rewards with what they have just done.

Some animals, like dogs, can respond simply by receiving a pat or a good verbal praise after the task. However, cats are more independent animals that seem to have their own sense of thinking. That is why it needs more incentives for them to respond to the commands. In spite of this, it is not also healthy for the animals to respond to the commands simply because they know that there will be some treats in the end. Hence, it is important to limit the treats while training the cats. It would be better to use treats in commands that are hard to teach like the 'come' order.

Nevertheless, treats are very effective tools in training your cats. They are the best tools whenever trainers want to boost the preferred behavior from their cats. People should understand that cats are not given the same intellect that humans have. Hence, they need something to associate with so that they can understand that the action that they have just made is acceptable. Boiled down, training a cat is just a matter of employing the best technique and the right treats. All of these things can assure the cat owners of a wonderful execution of commands done perfectly by their beloved cats.

Cat lovers just have to understand that cats, like humans, and like any other living creature in this world, need some praise, love, and rewards so that their pets will return the goodness that they receive.

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