Traveling with Your Pet Dog

As you might imagine there are tips for just about any type of pet care or dog care. You will find the following information provided is how to care for your dog during travel. There are of course several modes of travel so you will want to consider everything before taking your dog on a trip. Dogs can become quite agitated when left alone for too long. They can also become anxious during travel.

You need to learn how to relieve some of these problems by preparing for your vacation and the mode you will take. Traveling on a plane is probably the most difficult for a dog to handle. Most dogs will have to be caged, given a sedative that will last most of the flight, and then you will be able to help relieve their anxiety.

Some of the smaller dogs can be brought with you on the plane and most often they will not be given a sedative, unless the vet thinks it is necessary. Dogs can get air sick as well so make sure you provide them with plenty of space and water. You may wish to feed them four hours prior to a flight in order to avoid discomfort. When you are traveling you need to consider the area you are traveling to. There are certain places that cause disease your dog is not vaccinated for.

If you have any questions about the vaccinations they have received and may need speak with your veterinarian. You will also want to see your vet about two weeks before you travel to ensure that they are healthy enough for the trip and that you have everything you need as far as vaccinations, medications, and tips for traveling with a dog. If you are going camping you definitely want to make sure the dog has been treated with a tick and flea medication before leaving. These medications can be purchased through your vet or online from a pet store. Things such as Lyme disease, spotted fever, and other diseases can be on the road when you are camping. Exercise is also very important especially if you will be traveling by car, truck or RV.

They will need to have stops along the way as well as exercise outside of the vehicle during the trip. Even if it is a road trip you need to spend at least twenty minutes every three hours at a rest stop letting the dog out. They will need to have bathroom breaks, water and food during the journey. Items that you may wish to bring should include: a crate, first aid kit, familiar toys- to relieve anxiety, dog food, treats, their leash, a spare collar, food and water bowls, their tags, vaccination records, and grooming tools.

You may also want to have an extra set of tags just in case they loose their collar. If you are going to leave them in the car during your meal breaks make sure you have provided them with enough air, food, shade, and water. It is best to park in the best-shaded area even if you have to walk a little to the restaurant.

They are already going to be a little anxious so adding to it is not a good thing. You may want to bring them to the outside of the restaurant for exercise where they can see you and you can see them. You will of course need to make sure they are tied to a post of some sort. Taking your dog on a trip can be very demanding for them so you need as much comfort as possible.

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