Toy Pomeranian Puppies The Cutest Pups Ever

You may or may not agree with this statement but I truly believe that toy pomeranian puppies are the cutest ever. They are so fluffy and cuddly. A puppy of any dog breed is gorgeous I know, but they grow up into big dogs and that is the difference with the pomerian (as some people spell it) because when these little treasures grow up they still look like toy pomeranian puppies. You always feel like you own a puppy instead of a full-grown dog. Being a toy breed means they are small and often fragile so they do need some extra care especially around young children. When they are puppys this is even more important.

Just squeezing too tightly or being dropped can be fatal. If you are interested in purchasing a pom and would prefer a puppy then do your research and find out if you and you family will be suited to owning one of these delightful little creatures. Have a look at lots of pictures either in books or online. Read as much as you can about their needs and wants.

The last thing you should do is buy a pup and then realize it won't fit in with your lifestyle. This is not something to think of lightly. Ask the local vet where you can find a good breeder that has toy pomeranian puppies for sale or look online yourself and then do some good checking out of breeders to find reputable ones to compare with. Always ask to see the pup's parents and make sure the puppy is healthy and has been vet checked. Make sure you get documentation on this.

In the end, if you go ahead with bringing a pom pup into your family it will be one of the best decisions of your life!.

Susan Dean is the webmaster and publisher of

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