When new trainers start training, they tend to make a lot of mistakes in their approach and methods in their training process. There are some mistakes that are common among most trainers. Expecting too much- True dog lovers usually expect too much and often make this mistake. This happens only when they watch the well trained dog or neighbor's dog doing some tricks like that of any sitcom characters. This also happens when they go to the park and see all the dog owners enjoying the company of their dogs that are obedient and well trained.

At that moment, they tend to forget all the time and money that has been spent to train these dogs. Giving Up- This is also a common mistake done by novice dog trainers. Just because the dog cannot learn to play Frisbee in an hour or so, the owners conclude that the dog would just not learn at all. Positive reinforcement- Many frustrated trainers go home with deprived results because they forget to reward their dogs for doing well.

Rewards must be consistent, just like the training. The dog which always receive only correction and never gets rewarded will get frustrated. Not following the lessons- By repeatedly and consistently training your dog, they will listen to your lessons and would love it. If you spend few minutes only on Monday and nothing until Saturday, then it would be difficult for your dog to learn the lessons. Apathy- Often a dog trainer says I hate this or that about the dog but it's too difficult to change it.

Changes can be made and if your dog sees that they bring rewards they will respond much quicker to a direct approach. The major mistake the trainer makes is by thinking that the training is over. Training is a learning process and it doesn't have an end.

Your dog may learn some commands and know it well. So why do you stop there? Your dog loves to learn and you are a good trainer. Train your dog something new and enjoy your day forever.

With the knowledge of these mistakes trainers often make, you can recognize some of the common feelings which you might have encountered for yourself. You can now stem these mistakes before they become a problem.

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