Taking care of your dog His basic needs

I have lot of friends who has taken dogs to accompany them and share life with. But taking a dog may not be that easy for you have to prepare yourself for a ten to fifteen-year commitment. Your dog can help you relax and give you the happiness you may want. And like any other relationship, it is a mutual.

If he gives you the happiness you want, you are to provide also his basic needs. Like humans, dogs needs food, shelter and the nurturing to keep him healthy and happy. Feeding. Feeding your dog does not mean letting him eat the left overs of meal. You have to provide nutritious food for your companion like how you prepare food for your love ones.

, and also food supplements to fill the nutrient needs that maybe lacking in his diet. There are dog foods that not only gives the nutritional needs but also gives serves as supplements to counter disease like canine malassimilation and also helps develop good teeth and gums. In choosing the food for your pet, you must choose the one that he really loves. Visiting the Vet. Feeding might be insufficient if there are signs of parasite infections of your beloved pet. To know if your dog needs deworming, it is best to consult a veterinarian to determine the parasite that infects the dog.

This will allow proper prescription and diagnosis. Deworming is not only a one-time procedure but suggested mostly to be done on a regular basis. Aside from parasite infections, dog arthritis and other common dog problems, visiting the vet would allow you to monitor his over-all health. Physical maintenance and grooming. How your dog looks like would reflect the way you take good care of him. Proper grooming of your dog is important so you may not find him smelly and dirty as you hug him.

Physical maintenance and grooming does not mean you have to dress him up but rather as part of his health routine and appearance. Bath Items. You not only choose shampoo to clean him but also to maintain the color of his fur. There are variety of shampoos to choose from depending on your dog needs.

Ear cleaning. Most dogs does not want to have their ears cleaned, while others may just content themselves waiting you to do the cleaning:. Ear cleaning is necessary in dog's grooming to prevent causes of ear infections. Dogs with heavy floppy ears have the most problems with ear infections. Same with some breeds that have lots of hair in and around the ear canal. Dogs that spend lots of time in the water also are prone to developing ear infections.

Ear cleaning may be a messy job so you have to prepare yourself .Epiotic ear cleaner may do the job easier and can be purchased on line. Teeth and gums maintenance. Does it smell awful when your dog breathes in your face? Maybe that's something you should not ignore. Dental care of your dog does not only ensure fresh and clean breath but also keeps him away from bacterial infections.

Nurturing and care. The moment you decided to have a dog, it means you have committed yourself to be his guardian for the rest of his life. Maintaining a good canine-human relationship is vital. Give him some of your time, play, talk and cherish every moment you have with him. Dogs are considered man's best friend.

Having a dog is not your usual chore but an experience of a lifetime you'll be happy with.

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