Reuse For Free

Somehow everything seems better when you don't have to pay for it. Thanks to a proliferation of "Freecycle Groups," not only do you get to get something for nothing, but you also have the added bonus of knowing how you've aided the earth in the fight against global warming. Freecycling is the practice of reusing unwanted stuff. By finding a freecycle group in your town, you can not only keep an estimated 300 tons of waste out of landfills every day, according to a University of Iowa study, but also get rid of stuff you no longer want crowding your space and pass it on to someone who does want it. Freecycle groups are conducted online and are so popular that you can even discover them at Yahoo! http://green. Once you are a member, you can make contact with other freecyclers and let the carbon reducing begin. According to Yahoo!, there are over 5,000 reuse groups in the world, so one of them is bound to be near you.

Each group has its own rules to help the reusing go smoothly and as environmentally friendly as possible. Some basic freecycling guidelines may include: making sure everything really is free and posted clearly, whether you are giving or interested in receiving; and being sure to arrange a specific time for pick-up to make sure that a bunch of carbon emitting vehicles aren't making a mad dash to be "first come, first served," defeating the premise of the program. Freecycling is a great way to save money and energy as well as meet like-minded people in your community.

The WeEarth Network is an environmental network enabling us to explore our connectedness with each other and with our changing world. Find more information about socially and environmentally responsible living at

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