Renewable Energy Is The Future For The Earth To Survive

After heating and cooling, water heating is typically the largest energy user in the home because it is necessary for so many domestic activities. Whether you are replacing a worn-out existing water heater or looking for the best model for a new house you are building, it pays to choose carefull

Here you can learn how to use the energy in your home more efficiently. You can also learn how to use renewable energy to provide your home with electricity, heating, cooling, and water heating.
Alternative energy from sources that do not produce harmful emissions. For example, unconventional power from the sun, wind or running water. In most boilers, wood, coal, oil or natural gas is burned in a firebox to make heat.

Running through the fire box and above that hot fire are a series of pipes with water running through them. The heat energy is conducted into the metal pipes, heating the water in the pipes until it boils into steam. Water boils into steam at 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius.

Why waste this energy use it, dont loose it.

If you currently have an electric water heater and natural gas is available in your area, a switch might save you a lot of money. Even though electric models have a higher energy factor than fuel-burning models, electric resistance is a very expensive way to generate heat. It does not have great environmental benefits either, since electricity is only as clean and efficient as the fuel (often coal) that generates it. Before you rule out electricity, though, check with your utility company.

It may offer special off-peak rates or options for purchasing renewable power that may make electricity a more attractive option for you.

A renewable resource is fairly easy to replace. Renewable energy resources include wood, wind, sunshine, geothermal energy, biomass, and water stored behind dams in lakes and reservoirs. Electricity can be produced using several kinds of renewable resources.

From space, oceans look much different than adjacent land areas - they often appear darker, suggesting that they should be absorbing far more sunlight. But unlike dry land, water absorbs energy in a dynamic fashion. Some of the solar energy contacting the surface may be carried away by currents, some may go into producing water vapor, and some may penetrate the surface and be mixed meters deep into the water column. These factors combine to make the influence of the ocean surface an extremely complex and difficult phenomenon to predict.

Some countries give tax credits for the use of alternative renewable energy. In todays world we as a population should endevour to protect our environment and the use of alternative and renewable energy is a must do if we are to survive on this planet.

For us not to consider the impacts of our enegy use would severely impact on the lives of those well into the future. So look after mother earth as she needs to be looked after and by using renewable resources we can limit our impact.


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