Protecting Our Dogs

Because of the companionship, entertainment and unconditional love dogs give us it stands that we humans are willing to care for dog,mans best friend by spending millions to protect, dress and entertain them. People seem to marvel at small dogs wearing dog clothing. These dogs are just so cute you want to hug them! Not only are they cute but dog clothing can be functional too! Short haired dogs benefit from sweaters or coats in cold weather. Long haired dogs that live in the house really benefit from a rain slicker in wet weather keeping the wet dog smell down.

Hunting dogs benefit from leather boots to protect their feet from sharp rocks. Rubber boots help protect the dogs feet from tracking mud into the house. In cold weather states Insulated boots help with the frost factor in some of the areas that have lots of freezing weather. Antifreeze chemicals used in deicing streets in cold weather states hurt dogs paws, the dog may start licking them and end up ingesting the toxins. Ingested antifreeze toxins can shut down your dogs kidneys.

To prevent this, it is necessary to wash the dogs paws in warm water immediately. Boots can help protect your dogs health and the mess that comes with the combination of cold weather and furry feet. An Article in the Moscow News "Dogs need to go for daily walks-and because Moscow's sub-zero temperatures and sidewalks may be covered in ice or harmful chemicals to melt it, warm clothing and even shoes for dogs become not only practical but also humane." "In temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius or below, it is imperative to put coats on dogs.

" Said Valeria Shishmaryova, a veterinarian at the Movet Clinic in western Moscow. When the weather is not that cold, Shishmaryova said, dog owners should take two factors into account: dog breed and dogs' age. Because of the companionship, entertainment and unconditional love dogs give us it stands that we humans are willing to care for dog, mans best friend by spending millions to protect, dress and entertain our dogs. Clothes make the dog! With the variety of dog clothing available, todays dog owners have lots of selections when it comes to dressing their dogs. Dressing your dog is fun, stylish, and showcases the personaility of the dog and its owner.

Dog clothing is available in just about everything. There is a dog outfit for just about every occasion. If you are looking for everyday casual wear, there are pants and shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets and coats. You can find T-shirts with sayings on them such as "diva" and "spoiled" which are the most popular.

Casual dog clothing is a great way to make a statement about your pet's personality. If your little dog has a big dog attitude, get the point across with a studded black t-shirt or a leather jacket. There are lots of cute sweaters out there, but there are also some high-end luxurious sweaters if you really want to spoil your pet.

. Dog coats come in just about every color and style, including quilted, down, and faux-shearling. Rain gear is also available for those dogs who don't enjoy foul weather.

Some people like to keep their pets dressed all the time. For these folks, cute and fun pajamas are a must available in all colors and sizes! Other people dress their pets just on special occasions. Formal wear options include wedding dresses, tuxedos, and prom and bridesmaid-type dresses. . If you are going somewhere particular and want your dog to blend in, chances are there's an outfit that will fit your needs.

If you are going to be lounging on the beach with your dog, make sure she is properly attired in a cute bikini. If you are going hiking, a pair of cargo shorts are de rigeur. And if you are sending your dog out trick-or-treating there are an endless number of possibilities. Chances are there is even a costume to match yours! If you and your dog are a fan of a particular pro or college sports team, there are plenty of sweatshirts and jerseys designed to get the point across.

Dogs who prefer as little adornment as possible, but who also want to get a little of their personality across, can wear hats and bandanas designed just for them. Have some fun and show off your dog fashion sense. Go doggie clothes shopping with your dog!.

Judi has three constant dog companions Libby, Red and Wendy. Libby is a retired Search and Rescue dog. You can find winter clothes similar to what Libby wore at Judi's on-line dog apparel,

Pet Care

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