No need for a weather genius

Into the future with awesome weather forecasts There was a time in days past when we used to wait to find out what the weather forecast would be. We would sit patiently poised on the edge of our chair by the radio, or impatiently rolling the remote control in our hands waiting for the evening broadcast, forsaking all else that may be going on at that very moment so that we can catch the weather forecast. These are days that are well gone and past. We now have technology in nearly every person's home that allows them to instantly access a weather report from a national weather forecast center, and it's not just tomorrow's highs and lows. We now have the ability to see into the future as far as humidity conditions, UV index and pollen counts.

We can see how much snow is on our favorite mountain before we go out for a few downhill runs, and we can look nearly two weeks into the future for the best date and time to go. Though technology has brought us into an age of instant gratification, it has not nullified the need to access such information as the weather report. There are still several organizations and occupations that rely on the weather forecast every day in order for them to carry out their daily operations safely and efficiently. A weather forecast service is not an indispensable service, no matter how easily we may access satellite images and several other types of graphic weather predictors. Anything that affects our environment at-large is something that will affect us all, if it means that you cannot attend school, or you need to carry an umbrella, or if your paperwork must be carried in a case, or if the likelihood of lightning strike it too high for your job climbing telephone poles, we all have a connection to weather every day, so these services are of vital importance.

You may not believe that a weather forecast service is something of great value because of the degree of error. If you were to look at the imagery available from satellites, reports, figures and graphs, I am sure that you may have some opinion as to how the weather report may look, be you correct or incorrect in your assumption of weather patterns. The actual weather forecast is pieced together by scientists that are very well versed in what specific weather patterns mean, down to changing of temperature and barometric pressure, and wind direction.

We laypersons are not able to make these kinds of predictions and, though the meteorologists may not be correct all of the time, it's much better than we can do ourselves. If I were going to ask someone how they thought the weather would be, I would not ask some layperson amidst a stack of graphs, I would go to the meteorologist, because time has proven several things, and that I am no scientist is one, however accessing the same information online that they use to make their predictions surely lends some excitement.

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