Keeping Your Cats Happy And Loving

Cats can be very loving animals if treated correctly. They can also get angry, pout, play and generally get along with everyone. But if you aren't paying attention, they can also get lonely. Here are some tips to keep your cat happy: 1. Toys: Replace old toys every so often with new ones.

I keep a box of cat toys in the corner, and when my cats want to play they will pull one out and play with it. After awhile, I will notice the box is not touched and that is my sign to go out and get new ones. I try to get a wide variety for them, from mice and fuzzy toys, to toys that move on their own.

This keeps them active and playing. 2. Catnip: Some cats go crazy over catnip and will roll around in it for hours.

Buy a toy or mat that has catnip in it, or sprinkle some on a scratching pad. They will love you for it as they are covered in catnip and happily meowing. 3. Canned Food: If your cats can handle it, give them a treat every so often of canned food. It doesn't have to be the whole can, you can do 1/4 of a can, just a little to give them a nice change. If they aren't able to stomach canned food, try giving them a little edible cat treat that you can find at a pet food or grocery store.

Just one will do the trick and they will be happy. 4. Talk to them: Cats love to be talked to. Try doing some baby talk and see the kind of reaction you get from them. They will most likely roll around on their backs or meow at you. 5.

Play with them: Pull out one of those new cat toys you bought and toss it to them for a little while. You might find that you enjoy playing with them as well, while strengthening your bond with your kitty. 6. Get them a companion: If you live in a one-cat household and find that you can't be home as often as you'd like, try getting them a buddy. Don't be surprised if they don't get along well at first; they will soon get used to each other and be inseparable.

7. Lastly, pet them and show them love. Cats can be affectionate and most of them love the attention of being petted.

Spend a night hanging out with your cat and they will most likely open up to you and lay with you. There's nothing like hearing the contented purr of your cat as they are lazily lounging around. Keep them happy by giving them lots of love and attention.

Your cats will thank you for it.

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