How To Housebreak Your Puppy

Having a new puppy in the house can be such an exciting and fun experience. It is like introducing a new member of the family to their home. While a puppy is cute and just absolutely adorable in every respect, if you don't get your puppy house trained then all that cuteness will soon wear of quickly when you house takes the brunt of your puppies indiscretions.

Instead of getting mad or frustrated take solace that it's not all that difficult to get your puppy potty trained and you'll be enjoying their company again in no time at all. Considering that many puppies can relieve themselves up to 6 times a day, you would want to begin your puppy training as soon as possible. In the early days while you are still beginning your potty training you will want to take your puppy outside after every meal. Puppies like human babies tend to relieve themselves soon after a meal as they just haven't developed the necessary muscles to hold it in.

Set aside a designated area outside at the beginning for your puppy to go to relieve itself. If you are around your puppy when it is showing signs of needing to go, you should immediately pick up your puppy and take it directly to the designated area you have created outside. It needn't be extravagant, it could be a crate or just a tray that you have placed on the ground. You want to condition your puppy to connect going to the potty with the designated area. By all means you want to avoid your puppy from going to the toilet all over your house.

Not only is this detrimental to the your house and your belongings like carpet, but it also creates a negative habit with your puppy that you will have to recondition out of later. If you enable your puppy to relieve itself indoors then set aside an area that is well ventilated and place a tray there. By constantly catching your puppy when he is ready to go to the toilet and taking it straight to your area you puppy will begin to start going there voluntarily. At the end of the day your puppy wants to do the right thing by you and please it's owner.

If you teach your puppy what it is you want they are in a better position to understand and do it for you. You will want to commit to this for at least the first several weeks of getting your puppy. Understand that a few weeks is really not long in the scheme of things considering how many years you are going to have the dog for.

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