Housebreaking Tips for Puppies

Did you just bring home a new puppy? Since you probably do not want to clean up accidents, you will want to start training your dog immediately. Use the following housebreaking tips to get started. First, you must keep the puppy confined to a crate when you are not able to watch him or her. If left to his or her own devices, you will soon have messes all over your home. Get a crate that is made for the size of your animal. A crate that is too large may encourage the animal to use a corner of it as a toilet.

When the puppy is about 8 weeks old, you can start housebreaking. Dogs like schedules, so you will need to establish a pattern of taking the dog outside at certain times including every time you open the crate door. Puppies of this age usually need to go outside every three hours.

Always use the same door to go outside. You want your puppy to let you know when he or she needs to go out, and many dogs will go to the door to signal you. If you use different doors, the dog may become confused about which one to use. When the pup is outside of the crate, an adult needs to be supervising at all times.

Watch for signs that the puppy needs to go outside such as sniffing the ground, squatting, trying to hide behind or under furniture, circling one area, looking towards the exterior door, etc. If you see any of these signs, immediately take the dog outdoors. If you catch your pup in the act, say no firmly and take him or her outside immediately.

Yelling or hitting will not get your message across and may cause your pet to fear you. If your dog does use the bathroom outside, be lavish with your praise. Dogs like to please, so being enthusiastic about seeing desired behaviors will encourage your pet to do more of the same. When you are outside with your puppy, be sure to allow plenty of time.

If you approach this task hurriedly, you may stress the animal and create unpleasant associations with being outdoors. Do not let your puppy have water or eat right before bedtime unless you are planning to wake up soon for another trip outside. The key housebreaking tips for puppies are to be patient and consistent. Your dog will soon master the art of going outside to use the bathroom, and you both will be ready to take on more puppy training challenges.

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