Gourmet Dog Treats

People love 'mans best friend' and they in turn love us back. Dogs become part of our families. They live with us, sleep with us, eat with us, protect us and give us unconditional love. We treat our dogs like children.

Just hearing dog owners calling their pets at the park, and the affection they show them make you realize just how devoted they are. Many dog owners have special names for them such as 'baby' and call themselves mommy or daddy when talking to their pet. It is amazing how huge the market is for dog food, toys, treats and even clothing and jewelry. Nothing is too good for our dog companions.

Special treats Dog treats are a great way to show our dogs how much we love them. We use treats to reward our pet for doing something special. Many dogs are like children and behave better because they want a treat. Dog treats are available at pet stores, grocery stores, department stores and specialty shops just to name a few. There are dog treats flavored like beef, chicken, pizza, chocolate and almost any other food you can think of.

They come in the shape of people, sausages, bacon and steak bones plus hundreds of other shapes. There are dog Christmas stockings and birthday baskets stuffed with dog treats. People take pictures of their pooches and put them on their Christmas cards.

People love their dogs and in turn, their dogs love them back. Gourmet dog treats have become very popular. Some people make their own while others buy them. Some of the reasons people are now turning to gourmet dog treats are: ? Overweight dogs - Making your own gourmet dog treats lets you control the ingredients in the product. For overweight dogs, making low calorie treats helps the dog stay healthy while shedding a few excess pounds. Instead of commercial dog cookies with sugar and salt added, making or buying gourmet cookies and treats means you can choose a treat with no sugar or salt added, or sweeten a cookie with just a touch of honey.

? Dog Allergies - Just like humans, many dogs have allergies to certain foods and ingredients. Some vets carry gourmet dog treats that are great for dogs with allergies or you can get a recipe to make gourmet treats without using the ingredients your pet is allergic. ? Sickness- Some dogs have diabetes or other health problems so they are not able to eat regular dog treats and cookies.

There are dog treats available for dogs with health problems. ? Natural Treats - Many people, when they read what is in commercial dog treats, are not happy about the fillers and preservatives used so they choose to make or buy gourmet dog treats with only natural ingredients. People nowadays are very health conscious and feel the same way about their pet's diet. They want them to live long, healthy lives and providing gourmet dog treats is one way to help.

Love your dog with treats today! Learn how to make dog treats at home and find out more about dog treats at Home-made Dog Treats

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