Few Wonderful Types of Goldfish

Goldfish are a cultivated form of a silver crucian (Carassius auratus), and it is one of the popular aquarium fishes. The first data about goldfish are received from China and relate to X-XII centuries. The length of a goldfish reaches 30 cm. The aquarium types of goldfish are usually smaller.

Their body is extended, ellipse, with a sharp snout. The back of the fish is commonly red, its sides are golden, and the belly is yellowish. Fins may be red, orange or yellow.

There are also kinds of goldfish that are light pink, white, yellow and even dark blue. Due to Chinese and Japanese selectors a lot of types of goldfish are received. Some of them are described below. The Most Popular Types of Goldfish Bubble eye This goldfish is remarkable for its big eyes, which look like bubbles filled with water and hanging on the both sides of the head. The "bubbles" of the best individuals are equal to a quarter of their body. Eyes start to grow after the young goldfish is 3-4 months.

It should be noticed that the eyes are very vulnerable. They can be pierced and then fall down, but in proper conditions they are restored within 3-4 weeks. This type of goldfish should be maintained separately or together with calm kinds of aquarium fish. Crown pearlscale This type of goldfish was grown in China, and for a long time the exportation from the country had not been allowed.

Only in 1926 the goldfish was taken out to Japan. It has a rounded body. Each scale is creamy-white, so that the fish looks covered with pearls. The color of the fish is more often red and white. It is one of the most capricious and gentle type of goldfish. Comet The comet is the simplest and the most unpretentious type of goldfish.

It is small with a long tail surpassing the length of the body. The longer the tail fins, the higher an individual is estimated. The color of a comet can vary, but those fishes, which have contrasting body and fins colors, are considered to be of high value. In China the most beautiful ones are reputed to have silver body and bright red tail.

Shubunkin People are fond of this type of goldfish due to its color that represents a combination of white, black, red, yellow and dark blue. The goldfish is mobile, it feels good in the water with low temperature and it is unreceptive to illnesses. Recommendations on the Goldfish Maintenance It is recommended to maintain goldfishes in a spacious aquarium with large pebbles. This attractive fish has remained a carp deep in its heart, and like carps the goldfish adore digging in sand, stirring the water up and taking out the plants. Therefore the aquarium should be supplied with a powerful filter, and the plants should have a strong root system.

The temperature of the water can change from 15 up to 25 degrees Celsius for the fish with a long body and from 22 up to 28 degrees Celsius for the short ones. The chemical solution is not very important. Neighbors of goldfish should be calm and peaceful. Goldfish is omnivorous fish. It can be fed with seafood, white bread, cooked semolina and porridge. You can also make balls of bread and meat.

It is necessary to give salad and nettle, otherwise the goldfish will start eating aquarium plants. They are gluttonous, but you should not overfeed them.

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