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With hundreds of dog care books available today, it has become extremely difficult for people to figure out which book to read, and which advice to pay attention too. The truth is that the confusion surrounding dog care has only been amplified due to the number of dog care books that are available. In fact what has made matters worse is that there is no shortage of good advice in all these books, and the only problem is that there is no way a dog owner can read every single resource or book available on dog care. If you are a dog owner and looking for some quick advice on how you can better care for your dog then read on. A common misconception that people have when it comes to dogs is that, dogs are not emotional beings.

The truth is that just like you and me, dogs too have feelings and they may not be able to say what they want, but they still express their feelings through their actions. Has your dog ever chewed on your shoes? Researchers say that chewing the owner's shoes is a way for a dog to express his displeasure at not getting enough attention. Similarly what was once perceived as yawning is actually a tell tale sign of a worried dog. If you really want to get to know your dog's emotions better, just search for a book that is dedicated to understanding dogs.

Another area of concern for dog owners is their dog's health. The problem with dogs and other pets is that they can never tell you if they are unwell. Dogs usually exhibit some typical symptoms when they are unwell. One of the most popular symptoms of a dog being ill is a loss of appetite.

Dogs usually stop eating when they are unwell; another sign of ill health is if a dog starts loosing weight for no reason. If you have noticed one or both of the symptoms mentioned above, chances are that your dog is unwell. Heartworms are one of the most dangerous diseases that a dog can get, if untreated heartworms can cause death. The common symptoms of heartworm infection are lethargy, loss in weight, loss of appetite, lack of stamina (the dog starts wheezing or coughing after the slightest exertion). If your dog exhibits any of the symptoms mentioned above, take your dog to a vet immediately. It might not be heartworms but the dog is probably unwell.

As a dog owner it is your duty to take care of your dog's health, and also take care of any legal requirements that come with owning a dog. When it comes to legal requirements, there are two essential things that every dog owner is responsible for. The first is ensuring that the dog is vaccinated on time and his vaccination certificates are up to date and kept in a safe place. The second is making sure that the dog is never without its collar. In either case the dog can either be impounded or the owner is liable to pay heavy damages. If you really love your pet, and have paid a handsome amount in procuring it, then pet insurance is a must.

There has been criticism of pet insurance in the past, and critics have cited that pet insurance is more of a passing fad than anything else. The truth is that most pet owners are attached to their pets and they treat their pets like family members. The thought of letting a pets die for the want of money is simply unthinkable. If you don't want to let your pet die for the want of money, then pet insurance is a fantastic way to make sure that you do the best for your pet. Pet insurance has also ensured that previously unthinkable treatment like radiation therapy is now available to pets all over the US.

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