Everything You Need To Know About Pugs

Pugs are one of the best breeds of dogs that exist on the planet. Why? Because I own one! Seriously now though, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about pugs and hopefully give you some reasons for buying one. The First Great Reason For Owning A Pug If you were wondering which breed of dog has the best personality, then yep, you guessed it, the pug. One of the best traits that pugs have is their amazing ability to constantly act cheerful even when they are being maltreated. Experts say they are the best dog to have for children because they will never attempt to injure a child in any way. Infact it's usually the opposite! Another reason why they are so great for children is because they have a small and compact bodytype which enables them to be played with to a semi rough extent.

My pug loves being thrown all over the place and if you lie on the ground she will attempt to jump on you and pick a fight! I usually let her win. A Second Great Reason Why You Should Own A Pug Pugs originated from China where they were officially named the Chinese lap dogs. The Emperor would sit at his thrown with a pug on his lap. So what's the second great reason then? Because when you first buy your pug, you will be amazed at how much they love to just be with you and the great thing about this is that they can be around you all the time because they are indoor dogs with short fur and are very easy to manage.

I mean if the emperor of China chose to have pugs in his company, then surely they would be good enough for the rest of us right? The Third Great Reason Why You Should Own A Pug The last reason for owning a pug is because of the low costs involved. My dog gets two small bowls of specially designed dog biscuits in the morning and the night everyday. This adds up to around about $15 a week. Other larger dogs can rack up huge food bills, some over $100 a week and I bet they get now where near as much pleasure from the company of their dog than what I do with mine.

In case you're wondering how someone could feel so much love and compassion for a dog, then I tell you a little story. When I was younger, we had a male pug that we named 'Lucky'. One day my father came home to find that he had fallen off our balcony and had died. Now my father was a very strong man that didn't show his emotions all that often, but when this happened, he wept for a week. I doubt that he would have felt as badly if it had of been me who fell of that balcony.

So what is the meaning of this story, it's this. Pugs make you love them no matter what.

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