Cat Toys Keeping Your Cat Amused

The simplest things can easily amuse cats. While people may go to the pet store to purchase expensive toys for their pet cats, it is more probable that cats will take favor to a piece of paper laying on the living room floor! Before you go and buy toys for your pet cat, think creatively and see if any old thing in your house could provide hours of amusement to your furry friend. In the end, you will find that you have saved money and provided your cat with the toy it really wants. Idle cats can be mischievous cats, so cat owners should provide entertainment for their feisty felines to keep them occupied. If your cat is an indoor cat, he doesn't have the ample opportunity to get the exercise an outdoor cat will, as it chases, climbs and runs about. Toys and playtime will satisfy your cat's natural desire to chase prey.

And if you join them in their playtime, the interaction will establish a bond between the two of you - something which will be important to you both. When choosing toys for your cat, keep safety in mind. You don't want anything with string, ribbon, or yarn hanging from it. This could easily be ingested, and you will have to possibly make an avoidable trip to the veterinarian with a medical emergency. Also, remove any loose or small parts.

Chances are, a cat will eat anything that falls off the toy. Again, you will have another emergency. Avoid toys that contain dangerous filling such as beads. Remember, your cat does not know any better.

Some common items cats love to play with are inexpensive, and you may even have them in your own home. Plastic balls are a great source of entertainment for cats. They love to push and chase them. Ping-pong balls are wonderful also, as the holes allow the cat to carry them around. Cats love to chase, jump, and pounce.

They also like to play hide and seek, and will while away hours with a simple paper bag. Just make sure the bag doesn't have handles, which could be dangerous. Empty cardboard tubes, from toilet or hand paper, or cardboard boxes will also provide activity for your pet. Soft stuffed animals are also ideal for the cat to cuddle with, carry, or even wrestle. Just make sure it is not bigger than your cat.

A catnip filled toy makes a good play item, as the cat is attracted to its scent. It also will leave a scent on your carpet that will be pleasing to your cat and make them happy. With a little imagination, you can turn many items in your house into play toys for your cat. Add this to some store bought toys, and your cat will be in kitty heaven.

Just keep in mind, cats can get easily bored, so rotate the toys every week or so. You can even hide some and let the cat find them. But more importantly, interact with your cat to make the most of his playtime. He will get the exercise he needs, the occupation he desires, and the love he will return.

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