Bloodhound the Brazilian Mastiff Way

The Brazilian mastiff real name Fila Brasilerio, is a cross between a bloodhound and a mastiff, this mix of breed is specialised in using their nose to sniff and track almost anything. The breed in its early days was used to guard plantations and was introduced to the USA by the Conquistadors. the colouring of the large dogs can vary from tan to black, also brindled dogs been desirable.

These friendly giants can reach up to weights over 100 pounds and be 2 feet to the shoulder, the neck and face have characteristics of the bloodhound. the Brazilian mastiff is gentle as all mastiffs can be, Very loyal and can be aggressive when required, very suitable for guard dog material. They are renowned for been good with kids and do make a loveable family member. hunting comes natural to the Brazilian mastiff because of their bloodhound instincts, the purpose of the mastiff in the hunt is to mainly track the hunted animal , and after capture to hold the animail with causing no damage. Their real name starting with fila means to hold in Portuguese. Much more athletic than other mastiff breeds, they are less prone to been fat which makes for a much healthier dog, their loyal and protective nature is a large part of the Brazilian mastiff's nature.

The Brazilian mastiff is like all others, they don't like strangers, they feel at home with their own family but have been known to be aggressive to people who are unknown to them. So if you know you are going to have an unfamiliar face visit make sure the dog is out of the way. The way to a Brazilian mastiff's heart is food and love, feed them and spend quality time with your dogs and the will repay you with loyalty and be protective till the end, they have even been known to be slightly aggressive to judges in dog shows. So if your in the market for a Brazilian mastiff be sure to ask the right questions, make sure your breeder is above board and will provide references upon request, and if you do not know ask some one who does.

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