Are Two Cats Better Than One

There's no doubt that owning a cat will bring love, joy and pleasure into your home. But there is one vital question that must be answered when you first consider sharing your home:- 'Are two cats better than one?' Certainly there are advantages to owning a solitary pet. Your new kitten will be the centre of attraction in the family and will happily receive the benefit of your undivided attention.

The fun and games that your children will be able to enjoy on a one-to-one basis will be satisfying in the extreme. Additionally, the cost of owning a solitary cat will be relatively low. It will be much easier to budget for your pet's food, bedding and veterinary costs than if you owned two animals and the opportunity for conflict between feline house-mates simply won't arise. But would you be making the kindest choice to choose just one cat? Would having another cat to share companionship with ensure that your cat will be happy? Briefly, the benefits of owning two cats are: Companionship for each other - especially if left on their own for long periods. Feral cats will live in social groups and that sociability is carried over into domesticity. Cats enjoy eachother's company.

Giving a home to litter-mates is the easiest route to take. Double the pleasure for you! Of course, there are also a few disadvantages to owning more than one cat. These include: Greater costs relating to food, medical bills, boarding fees. Although cats are sociable animals, not every cat lives comfortably with a companion. Some prefer a solitary life. Behavioural problems are more likely in a multi-cat household.

Cats with feline companions may be happier sharing their own comapny than sharing yours. Once you have considered the pros and cons of single or double cat ownership and made your choice, make sure that you look at a number of cats or kittens needing a home. By doing this - and not just falling in love with the first fluffy animal you see - you will begin to develop a good idea of the different character types available. Armed with this knowledge, you will be better equipped to select a single cat whose personality will suit your family or two cats that are likely to live in harmony together. Whatever you choice - enjoy the love and affection of your new family members!.

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