Natural pet care

Natural pet careJust because they've got four legs doesn't mean cats and dogs don't need a little help staying in balance. We asked Roger W. Valentine, D.V.M., a holistic veterinarian in Santa Monica, Calif., and Randy Klein, owner of Whiskers Holistic Pet Care in New York City, for their favorite picks to keep your critters healthy and happy. Valentine and Klein are members of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association; check out to find a holistic vet near you.

(1) Serving your dog the same dry kibble "is like me telling you to eat saltine crackers every day," explains Klein. Add fresh beef or chicken to a quality dry food like Innova (, made from human-grade chicken free of hormones and antibiotics.

(2) "Psychological environment is important to an animal's health," says Valentine. Create a relaxed energy for your pet by lighting a Woodsy Woof Aromatherapy Candle Tin by Pet Aromatics ($11;, with eucalyptus and lavender.

(3) "Animals don't need to be bathed as often as you'd think," says Valentine. Once a month is plenty. Go for a gentle alcohol-free blend to preserve fur's natural oils. Try Fruits & Passion Hotdog Shampoo with Natural Extracts ($16;

(4) Fight fleas from the inside out. Sprinkle Earth Animal Internal Powder ($17; on your pet's food. This blend of dark brewer's yeast, garlic, and B vitamins makes pets unappealing to fleas, ticks, and mosquitos.

(5) Does Fluffy or Fido suffer from separation anxiety? Take the edge off with Whiskers Own Gentle Nerve ($14; This herbal liquid is made with extracts of valerian, catnip, and hops that won't "zombify your pet," says Klein.

(6) Boost your pet's diet with a daily multivitamin like The Missing Link (cats, $9; dogs, $13;, a vitamin powder loaded with probiotics, essential fatty acids, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

(7) Spayed female and older male dogs are likely candidates for urinary incontinence. Stop accidents with a daily dose of HomeoPet's Leak No More ($11.25;, a homeopathic liquid remedy that works to tighten loose muscles.