Horse Training - Each horse is different in how it learns and how it reacts to outside stimuli.

Aquarium Sharks - Prior to introducing any fish into the aquarium, it is smart to do a little research to make sure that your environment is ideal for the fish and to be sure your new fish is compatible with the old.

Grooming For Dogs Health And Comfort - Dogs need very good cleaning and grooming for keeping them healthy.

Special Considerations For Pet Beagle Owners - Are you thinking about adopting a Beagle? Here's some things you might want to know about the personalitly and special care needs of the breed.

Training Your Dog To Heel - One of the first commands your dog learns ought to be the 'HEEL' command.

The revival of Scotlands Castles - How heartening after decades of decay and the destruction of many old fine homes, to see a revival of Scotland?s Castles.

Infrastructure Decimated by Earthquake in Kobe Japan on January - In January 1995 a massive earthquake hit the region near Japan's busiest port at Kobe, killing 5000 people and reeking havoc with local utilities, businesses and infrastructure.

Dog Bite Laws in California - Brief description of Basic dog bite laws in california and tips on minimizing liability.

Whats The Secret To Creating The Best Home For Your Goldfish - You actually need to get the aquarium ready before you get your goldfish home.

Does Your Dog Have Otitis Externa - Does your dog shake his head excessively? Are his ears red? Is there discharge from the ears? If you answered yes to any of these then he could have Otitis Externa.

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